Instant photography captures the nostalgia of idealism and the magic of serendipity. It always feels like I am in a time machine that is propelling me into the future of my memories. The digital age and analog film are colliding to create a new interaction in the conversation of contemporary photography. With innovative tools, the enchantment of instant film is bursting with new flavors, creativity and excitement. Within this new technology lives the mutation of fine art and the adventurous spirit of Americana. I explore these peculiarities with an assortment of cameras, mediums and techniques.

PhotoAlchemy Collection: Sunken B-Sides Series, Instant Film :


The Polaroid series “Sunken B-Sides” began as an experimental technique of film souping. My analog B-sides technique created a chemical reaction within those iconic borders. Applying elements with the magic of nature, literary references and prolonged time emitted a photographic alchemy recipe of manipulation. The process yielded results that are abstract expressions which soon became a premonition of the future. The deterioration of our ways of life, social unrest and political injustices unfolding while my instant film reacted during that lockdown period. Beginning a “Quarantine” era of my work, I am searching for sunken treasure in a sea of uncertainty. Panning for rare gold among this new frontier in the time of Corona. I believe that behind every dark cloud is a silver lining of beauty. In this new wisdom, freedom and truth work together to establish results of transformation. 


Mixed Media

Photography, Painting, Sculpting, Ceramics, Installation and Assemblage

Video Art

Filming, Video Editing, Production and Creative Design


Ghosts Film Festival, music “Ghost III: 26 “by Nine Inch Nails